Our Work

Gate Installation

Replaced the old gate with this beautiful wrought-iron version.

Recessed Lighting

Removed a flush-mount light fixture and installed three LED can lights for […]

More Storage

Installed ceiling-mounted shelves in this garage for more storage.

Pet Door

Installed in-wall pet door.

Getting Organized


Designed and installed closet organizer to maximize space in this guest room.

Dining Light

Removed old fixture and installed new, stylish light fixture to brighten up […]

Up, Up and Away

Motorized hoist saves your back and space in your garage… in this […]

Perfect Pergola


This pergola provides shade and cover for a barbecue, but you could […]

Top Deck

Replaced water-damaged deck boards with new, composite decking.

New Again


Removed water-damaged flooring, replaced with new boards and re-seated toilet.

Revived Gate

Replaced damaged wood with water- and insect-resistant cement board to give this […]


Can’t Believe It’s Vinyl!

Can’t Believe It’s Vinyl!

Installed vinyl picket fence and gate for a picture-perfect and damage-resistant yard […]


That’s Entertainment

That’s Entertainment

Installed a custom-built media cabinet.


That’s Entertainment II

That’s Entertainment II

Modified an existing media cabinet to accommodate a larger, flat-screen TV.

Tile, Too!

Reset loose tiles in master bath.

Picture Perfect

Made this courtyard more appealing with new tile.

All About Shoes


Built and installed custom, lighted shoe rack.

Take Two


Installed ceiling-mounted projection screen.

New Gate

Built and installed new cedar gate.

Shelf Esteem

Built and installed shelf to hold TV projector and other items.

Porch Appeal

Replaced rotted wood with composite railing system.

Fancy Faucet

Replaced faucet set in bathroom vanity.

Picture Perfect

Hung several pictures in this bedroom. No job too small.

Mirror, Mirror

Hung heavy mirror in this dining space.


I’ve Been Framed

I’ve Been Framed

Framed this bathroom mirror for a built-in look.

Bright Spot


Replaced dated florescent fixture with recessed lighting.

Column Fix

Replaced insect-damaged wood.